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destntoast wrote in fandomstats
[This sticky welcome post will stay at the top to welcome all newcomers!]

This is a community to discuss fandom (fanworks and/or fans) from a quantitative/analytical angle.

This community is a place to discuss past and future analyses, methodology for gathering and analyzing data, and anything else related to fandom stats or surveys.  You don't need to be a stats whiz or do analyses yourself to participate in this community.  Just be interested in discussing these topics!

Example questions that fandom stats might help address:

  • Fanworks: Which tags on AO3 are most commonly used?  Which tags get the most kudos?  How does this differ from what's popular on and other platforms?  How is it changing over time?

  • Fans: What are the demographics of fandom?  Does the sexual orientation of fans correlate with the fanworks they like to read/write?  Do different ages of fans prefer different types of fanworks?  What are fannish motivations for shipping? (e.g., how many fans care whether their ship becomes canon?)

More info/resources about fandom stats can be found here:

If you're new here, please feel free to leave a note in the comments on this post introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your fandom interests and past fandom analyses (if applicable).  You can also ask any questions about the community here.

If you're new here, please feel free to make a new post and say hi!  :)  Tell us about what you're interested in, or what your background is, or ask questions.

Currently, more discussion is going on in #fandom stats and #fandom stats discussion over on Tumblr, but I'd like to also keep this community going for people who are happier on LJ and conversations that are better suited to threaded interactions.  So feel free to jump in on either/both platforms!

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Delighted you're here! Would love also to hear about any interesting differences you've observed between those two fandoms. (Actually, that would be a fun separate discussion to start -- differences and similarities across fandoms or their fans. Feel free to start a new post if you have any observations and want to kick that off!)

This would be a really interesting topic to start, I'll just have to think about how to approach it. In this community, independent of one single fandom as it is, we surely have a lot of collective knowledge about different fandoms and pairings (as they can sometimes create sub-fandoms within a community).

I'd be hesitant to compare my impressions of the ACD Holmes and the Hobbit fandom as such; I can only talk about the circles I'm familiar with, although I must say the ACD slash community is small and familiar. The Hobbit, otoh - that's huge, and I know only a small part of it, especially as I'm not a big fan of the most popular pairing.

The one thing I can think of spontaneously is that it seems to me like the fans who're really deep into the source material, in both fandoms, are pretty well educated - which is perhaps not surprising, considering the texts we're talking about.

But I'll have to think about this one.

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